About Us

Who We are

Ouya Ojeje is a subsidiary Business News and Blogging Website of Joon Online Mall – a business duly registered in Kenya under the business number – BN-9PCZAJ to transact online marketing businesses.

What We Do

Besides blogging and providing prompt business news, We design business blogs for smaller businesses, create curated web content for other blogs, write Neighborhood Guides for Hotels and provide advertising spaces for corporate.

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Why Us

At Ouya Ojeje, we offer the best marketing support services within the agreed time-frames and budgets. We prioritize every project awarded to us and scale it to the peaks of your vision. 

When you partner with us, you increase your monetization avenues and quadruple the reach and impact of your business. You get the avenue to convert a huge chunk of an online traffic into buying clients. You make your business invincible.

The foundation of our business is built on integrity, quality, excellent customer service and reward.


We are true to our word and only deliver what we promise. Our client acquisition, service and retention strategies are unbiased in all the endeavours to help increase profits to the partner companies.


We offer affordable services and guarantee value for client’ money. By looking at things in a circle, we remain focused for the future, proactive through the present and innovative for future businesses.

Customer Support

We believe that the scalability of a modern business leans more on its online existence, quality content posting, continuous update and inimitable an online marketing which we want to be part of. We offer multiple contact channels and simplicity in interaction; during and after project completion.

About Us

In this technologically powered world, not all meek business can survive. That’s why your business must make sense to complexities and remain market ready to an online boost. At Ouya Ojeje, we help you start online business affordably and show you the right tools to scale and ensure success. While developing your new website in the cloud, our creative content team work tirelessly to ensure that your launched blog/website is as competitive to the online market as Facebook was to 2go.

Welcome to Ouya Ojeje and be part of the winning team.