ExpertOption Review 2020 | Is it a scam or Legit Broker? Let’s Find Out

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What is ExpertOption?

Expert Option is a universal platform for online trading. The main instruments of the platform are currency pairs, commodities, stock indices, stocks and cryptocurrency options.

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How Long Has Expert Option Been in Existence?

Expert Option started in 2014 and is run by ExpertOption Ltd of – 305, Griffith Corporate Centre, Beachmont, 1510, Kingstown, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines.

Registration Number 22863 IBC 2015

Over the years it has attracted over 25,000,000 clients globally and grown to the level of executing 30 million guaranteed trades in a month.

However, Expert Option doesn’t provide services to citizens and residents of USA, Canada, European Economic Area, Switzerland, Israel, New Zealand, Australia, North Korea, Puerto Rico, Singapore, Bangladesh, Vanuatu, Yemen and Sudan.

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How Expert Option Trading Works 

Like all other binary trading sites, the Expert Option platform is simple and easy to use. It only requires that you choose an option from either of the two options provided Buy/Sell; Go long or Go Short; Green or Red; Up or Down.

Let’s use simple directional images to simplify the expert option trading process for you.

This is how to trade binary options on expert option: –

Step 1

Register for an ExpertOption Account.

The registration process in expert option is easy. In fact, it only takes 10 seconds to register if you use the Facebook registration button. And just about the same amount of time if you use google.

You can also register with your email address and password. Doesn’t take too long either.

Make Money Trading Options

Step 2

Fund Your ExpertOption Account 

Immediately you create a new account at Expert Option you will notice a pop up counting down for your first deposit bonus.

The Expert Option first deposit bonus is a 100% bonus given to you if you make your first deposit within the first hour of registration.

An 100% deposit bonus means, if you deposit $30 immediately after registration, ExpertOption tops up your account with another $30.

If you deposit $100, you get $100 extra.

The Expert Option Minimum deposit is $10

I’d advice that you claim this bonus and hold on to it while you learn how to trade

Expertoption 100% deposit bonus It will come in handy when you want to start trading with a real account for real profits.

The best part?

Funding an expert option account is easy. And besides Skrill, Neteller, Visa, MasterCard, Maestro, Crypto, Fasapay, Kiwi, Yandex, WebMoney, Perfect money and Visa; you can use Mpesa to make a deposit.

It is that convenient.

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Step 3 

Now that you have an account with Expert Option and money to trade, including a Free 100% deposit bonus, start trading to make more money.

Again, it is easy. Don’t take a scare from the graph you see either on your mobile or desktop interface.

It’s nothing but a simplified interface to guide you on asset prices, tools, expert option live chat customer service, apps social trading and all that.

You can take a few minutes to figure out the platform.

Most of the icons on Expert Option would be easy to figure out. However, if you don’t understand anything, just hover your mouse over or click on them to see what’s hidden.

Step 4 

Choose an Asset to Trade

Expert Option has 100+ trading instruments spread across 5 different assets for traders to choose from.

Under commodities you can trade Gold, silver, platinum and Brent oil.

Expert option also offers access to major stocks e.g Google, Yahoo, Ford, Facebook, Alibaba… name it.

Make Money Trading Options

If you have interest in cryptocurrencies you can also trade Bitcoin, Monero, Litecoin, Zcash, Dash, Ethurium, Ethurium Classic, BitGold, BitcoinCash and iOTA.

But perhaps the most interesting and most traded asset by trading beginners is currency pair which is also the majority of instruments traded in Expert Option.

ExpertOption AppChoosing what to trade from this list is easy. Just click on the asset button as shown in the image on the left to reveal all the instruments by category.

Be careful not to pick a low yielding instrument.

While the maximum payout percentage in Expert Option is 95%, the percentages are not static and they can sometimes be lower.

Try to choose assets with higher percentages for maximum yield.

Step 5  

The next step after choosing an asset is to enter the amount you wish to trade.

You can even decide to change the strike price if you want to delay your trade execution.

A strike price is the price of the asset as at the time you are opening a trade.

See the image below for direction: –

How to trade with Expert Option

Step 6 

Voila, you are only one step away from executing your first trade.

Click on the red or the green button to jump in.

Clicking on the green button, also known as buy option or going long means you are predicting that the asset you are about to trade will go up in price.

If it does go up you can take your profits in expert option within a minute.

The alternative to the green button is the red button. Click on it if you thing the asset price will fall.

Of course you can also take profits for this option within a minute. If prices end up falling.

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Just like that! you learnt how to trade. And you can make so much money by repeating the same action over and again.

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How to Win ExpertOption Repeatedly 

Even though this guide was meant to be a general review, I can’t help but feel like it is as much important to introduce you to ways of winning expert option as it is important to teach you how to trade.

In the next few seconds I will introduce you to technical and fundamental analysis in ExpertOption. But first, let’s learn why trading binary options in Expert Option is in fact the best thing that will happen to you in 2020.

Online trading is the best way to make money online

1. Earn up to 95% per minute – When you trade and win in expert option you will earn 95% of your stake in one minute.
Assuming your trade amount is $100 that’s $95 profits in a minute.
2. Trading Options is Easier Than Forex – You don’t have to worry about spreads and commissions because expert option charges neither. Plus you only have two options to choose in order to make money. Buy or Sell, ain’t that easy?
3. Free demo account for $10,000 – If you are not ready to start trading with a real account, you can switch to a demo account instead.
The expert Option DEMO account allows you to practice with $10,000 of virtual money which you can replenish at no cost when it is depleted.
The only disadvantage is, you can not withdraw winnings made on a demo account. You’d need to register for a real account to earn real profits and withdraw real money to your bank account.

4. Real account starting from $10

While there are 6 different account types in Expert Option: – an exclusive account (activated by especial invites only), platinum (deposit $5000 to activate), gold (deposit $2500 to activate), silver (activate with $500), and basic (deposit $50 to activate); you could opt for the sixth option – a micro account that only requires $10 to activate.
5. You can use technical analysis to determine trends in expert Option
6. Chart analysis – find figures or sequences of candles on the chart and open deals based on those sequences. Fitting figures bring you closer to money.

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Back to our sub topic, how to win consistently trading binary in Expert Option.

  1. Use Tend Indicators 

Expert option has 8 different trend indicators that you can use to trade and win. Namely: –

    • Moving averages – i.e SMA, EMA, WMA and SSMA
    • Bollinger Bands
    • Alligator
    • Parabolic SAR
    • Fractal
    • RSI
    • Awesome Oscillators
    • MACD

Each indicator performs a specific functions. Example, you can use parabolic SAR to pick trend directions and to measure asset volatility. And SMA to only analyse a trending direction.

How to activate trend indicators in Expert Option 

To add expert option indicators on your chart:-

  1. Login to Expert Option or register if you don’t have an account 
  2. Locate the indicator tool bar on top of your trading chart
  3. Click to edit your preferred indicator – you can change the color, width and indicator period on this step
  4. When you are done, click apply to activate indicator

Choose and activate indicators

2. Use Social Trading to Win More in ExpertOption

Social trading is a trading feature on Expert Option which allows you to copy other traders live placements real time.

The benefit of doing this is, you will win when they win.

The downside is, you loose when they loose. As such, profits are not guaranteed throughout.

3. Diversify Your Trades 

Trade diversification is a concept picked by traders from portfolio diversification in stock trading and finance planning.

It is a risk management strategy of combining a variety of assets to achieve variety and reduce the overall risk of blowing your account.

In ExpertOption, you can diversify your trades by studying and picking the best performing assets at a time, and placing different amounts on them.

This ensures that when one asset drains your money, another helps bring you back into the money.

4. Only Trade The Trending Assets 

Whether in Forex or options trading, volatile assets are the best to trade. This is because volatile assets create more chances to win and will often go in the direction you pick.

Instead of trading randomly – and loosing, just follow the direction of the charts and wait for that miracle to happen.

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5. Trade With Reasonable Amounts 

While you can trade and grow an options account from just about any amount of money, it is not reasonable to start trading with micro accounts.

You will loose.

Ask any trader who started trading with $10 if they ever made profits and they’ll tell you – they lost everything.

If possible, start trading with $500 but even $100 would do just fine if your profit objective is winning &3 a day.

More About Expert Option

What Makes Expert Option Stand Out From The Rest of Options Brokers?

Expert Option Benefits

More Features in ExpertOption 

Best trading analytics for free!

Free trading signals

Free online Analytics

4 types of graphs: line, candle, bar, area

Free analytics newsletter

Technical analysis: the richest set of indicators and line studies

Fundamental analysis: latest news in the news section

Economic Calendar

Why is ExpertOption The Best Binary Platform for Making Money on the Internet?

It Has The Best analytics – Expert Option gives free trading signals, free access to its news section and it has tens of trend indicators to chose from for profitable trading.

It is the fastest platform in the niche – Trade execution in expert option is instant. No lags and slippages. Whatsoever

Expert Option offers free consultation to traders –  Depending on the account type you activate on Expert Option, a Personal manager will analyze your trade journal and he will help with a working trading strategy.

Full training – The expert option system is built with individual training materials, articles and video tutorials. This is important because you can learn everything about trading here – without leaving the platform.

Is Expert Option Legal?

Yes. ExpertOption is legal. It is genuine, halal, safe, legit and real to trade with from any part of the world.

In fact, this broker is regulated by FMRC with a licence from an authentic regulatory body VFSC and traders from over 150 countries globally.

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