13 Best Freelance Websites for New Writers in Kenya

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There are very many websites with opportunities for beginner writers in Kenya. All these sites vary in features and the efficiency of these services.

If you are new at freelance writing, it is easy to get lost with the number of websites claiming they have opportunities.

Without knowledge, you may have to get scammed and go through underpaying platforms just to get your way up.

But is trial and error the route you really want to take?

I doubt that!

To help you find your first freelance gig, we’ve put together a list of websites that hire new freelancers. Regardless of if you have some freelancing experience or not.

Here’s a List of 13 Best Websites for Freelancers With Little or No Experience  

1. iWriter 

This is one of the most popular freelance writing websites in Kenya.

There was a time it was banned in the country because of hacking.

However, when the ban was lifted and it’s glory restored.

The process of joining is simple.

You have to pass a test then you can begin bidding for new jobs without paying.

It is important to do consistent quality work to get better ratings.

All newbie writers have to start as a Standard Writer then move to an ElitePlus writer account as their ratings increase.

As an ElitePlus Writer, you stand to earn more from your work.

iWriter pays religiously. The payment frequency is set by you and they make sure to follow through.

2. Upwork

Upwork offers so many freelance gigs ranging from website creation, content editing, coding to graphic design. However, the freelance writing market is bigger than all the other markets.

Starting an account on Upwork requires creating a profile with your skills.

It is not however definite that Upwork will allow you to work frequently as they like to control the traffic on their sites.

However, with clearly-set unique skills, you will easily get an account.

Like most sites, you have to climb up by working on projects and getting higher ratings.

Beginner freelancers may have difficulty getting jobs because of the bidding system but it is worth trying to bid.

3. Freelancer 

Like Upwork, freelancer offers various job listings. Starting a freelancer account is easy. You are not required to even take a test.

However, because of traffic, getting a job during your first trials is a bit difficult.

A trick to easily working your way up is to participate in contests.

If you are good at what you do, then you get to make money, build your writing profile and freelance writing career.

With Freelancer, only the first month is free. From the second month, you start paying for your account. However, This is not a problem when you stand to make more money than you spend.

4. Fiver 

A fiver account is easy to start because of the low initial charges.

It enables the employer to find you on three different levels.

The advantages of writing with Fiver as a beginner is; it has a seller rating and feedback system, secure payment gateways, multi-currency support, and a private communication platform.

5. People Per Hour 

People per hour is another beginner-friendly website for freelance writers. It is very similar to Flexjobs. It allows freelancers to review jobs and employers review to freelancers.

Freelance writing websites in Kenya

Some of the most common jobs in People per hour include transcription, online writing and more…

6. FlexJobs 

Flexjobs enables writers to find potential clients and writing gigs.

It screens all the listings and verifies them.

This makes it easier for beginners to find good clients.

However, you can only join this site on subscription.

7. Guru 

Guru is a job board for all kinds of freelancers.

Their payment system is good, even better than Upwork’s. It has all kinds of jobs from low-paying to fixed jobs, making it good for beginners.

Guru also has features allowing you to showcase your previous work so as to backup your proposals.

8. Textbroker 

Textbroker is another good freelance writing agency that connects writers to their clients.

The website has project management tools that make projects more efficient on both ends.

It also facilitates the process of payment, and so beginners do not have to worry about not getting paid.

It doesn’t end there though.

As a beginner freelance writer, you have access to a variety of writing tools to help you build your skills.

9. Constant Content 

Constant content is for businesses interested in creating content from business posts to social media blogs or articles.

If you are freelance writing as a beginner, an account on this website would help you easily jump-start your career as it enables businesses to find you.

As you go on freelancing, you could highlight your previous work to make you more marketable.

10. BloggingPro 

Freelancers can use the site to look for available writing opportunities. There is no membership for this site. One deals with employers directly.

Unfortunately, BloggingPro does not have the strict vetting process of employers that other sites have.

You risk being scammed.

If you can get the right employers on this site, you can get yourself a few writing gigs though.

11. ProBlogger

ProBlogger is pretty easy.

It doesn’t require signing up.

Anyone looking for a freelancing gig can find it here.

The problem with these freelance writing job sites that don’t require accounts is that they do not screen jobs.

Consequently, beginners are at the risk of being scammed.

12. Freelancewriting.com 

This site does not need any sort of membership.

It handpicks listings from other sites.

This is a good site for new freelance writers to browse through their writing options.

13. iFreelance 

It is not very common as it requires one to pay a fee before beginning. However, once that is done, you can create our profile and get a variety of gigs to bid on.

Bonus Freelance Websites That Accept New Freelancers in Kenya

As a beginner freelance writer in Kenya, some Kenyan websites are willing to pay you for good content. These websites include:

The options for beginners are endless. With patience, you can easily jump-start your freelance writing career on the beginner-friendly freelance job sites above.

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