Olymp Bot | How to Trade And Win More Money With Olymp Trade Robots

Olymp Bot

Do you want to win more in Olymp Trade? To place more trade and make more profits?

Of course you do.

And what better way is there to have more guaranteed wins than to use Olymp Trade Trading Strategies?

In this post we discuss a less popular way of trading in Olymp Trade yet more effective and easy to apply to win 70% of the time.

Olymp Bots.

What is Olymp Trade Robot?

An Olymp Trade robot is a tool for trading automation on the Olymp Trade platform.

If you activate the Olymp bots on your trading platform then the robots will help you monitors trades, open trading contracts and help you make other trading decisions that you find hard.

In simpler terms, an Olymp Trade auto robot will not just decide for you how much to stake for a trade and for how long; but it will also open a profitable trade for you.

Which means that your only real job will be to withdraw money if you win or deposit money if you lose.

Disclaimer: – Olymp Bot tool does not belong to the Olymp Trade Platform. It is a product by a team of independent developers. However, it has been tried and tested and the developers feel that it is now ready to be used by traders.

Trading with this tool does not guarantee 100% wins. Be careful and watch the actions of the bot.

How Do Olymp Trade Robots Work?

Using the Olymp Trade robots is easy and only requires two steps to activate.

The first step is to create an Olymp Trade account.

Register here if you are not registered already.

After registration, make a deposit of $100. You can even deposit more or less.

However, the recommended amount while using the bots to trade is $100 or $1,000.

Having more money in your account is important because these bots use different trading strategies and when they lose they’ll try to reverse their strategies for recovery.

This can only happen when these bots have money to use.

You can also use the bots with a demo account.

Olymp Trade Robots Review   

Just like when trading in Olymp Trade by yourself, the olymp bots are created to assimilate all the basic functions of a trader and to follow the trading rules.

For example,

When using the Olymp Bots to auto trade;

you can set them to use the minimum trading amount in Olymp Trade which is $1 per trade.


You can set the bots to run for 1 minute.

Trading assets 

Olymp trade has more than 70 assets that you can trade on. An example of an asset in currency pair is EUR/USD. Or Bitcoin in if you are trading crypto currencies.

You can trade crypto with Olymp Trade even over the weekends.

When using Olymp Bots to trade, try to pick a stable asset with a higher winning percentage – like 70% or more.

If choosing assets to trade is an hustle for you, just activate the asset auto selection option in your robot and the tool will automatically choose the most profitable assets for you.

Olymp Trade Robots Trading Strategies 

1. The Optimal Trading Strategy – Win Every Round.

This strategy tries to ensure that the bots will win on its first bet.

In case it doesn’t, the next trades are optimized so that in the end you get back your lost stake plus profits.

This strategy requires that you deposit $100 or $1,000 for starters. Register to activate bots

2. Aggressive Trading – Win Every Trade

If you chose this strategy, your robots will trade aggressively while trying to maintain profitability.

If you ask me, I’ll say this is the most profitable strategy in bot trading.

However, it is also riskier and you will need to deposit at least $1,000 if you should get better results.

Register to activate Olymp Bots

Remember, Olymp bots don’t work with existing accounts.

Use a different email address to register for bot trading on a live account.

3. Trade Using Olymp Trade Analytics Signals 

This strategy combines 8 different technical indicators with 12 different moving averages and uses algorithms to determine the best time to strike which assets.

Using this trading strategy increases your winning rates by  7%.

You can only use this trading strategy after activating the Olymp bot on your trading platform.

Register to activate Olymp Bots

Setting Olymp Bots For Profitable Trading

Because the bots  are not 100% accurate, you may want to make a few changes in the tool before activating it for trading.


You can activate stop filters – by doing this you set winning percentages which your bots should use to stop trading.

There are two types of filters in Olymp Bot: –

  1. Minimum winning percentage – this is the smallest winning percentage that will prompt your bot to stop trading for you. Set this at 60%
  2. Maximum Balance – This is the amount of balance that when reached the bot stops working.

If you are a registered Olymp Trade user, just login to start using the bot.

How to Set Up The Olymp Bot Trading Tool for a Live Account

  1. Select Olymp Bot for your device 

Olymp Bot can be set as a browser extension for computers.

Before adding the extension to your browser, make sure you are registered with this link – because otherwise, the bot won’t work in a live account.

For Chrome Users, click here to add or download olymp bot to your browser.

Click here to get the Olymp Bot extension for firefox

For opera users, get the Olymp Bot addon here 

How to Install the Olymp Bot Extension 

Step 1

Olymp Bot Trading

Step 2 

Olymp Bot Trading

Now login to your Olymp Trade account or register here to activate the bot

You will see the bot button next to your account balance.

Click on it then click on the start trading button. The bot will start trading for you.

Olymp trade robots

How to activate the robot to trade on a live account

step 1  – Register to Olymp Trade through the Olymp Bot system – use this link 

Step 2 – Make a deposit of $100 to start trading with the robots.


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